Rochester Riverside Primary School


The School Council are a really important group of Pilgrim and Riverside students. 

Selected by their teachers, teaching assistants and fellow students, they represent their class in guiding and helping our schools as we move forward and grow.

Working together, using our vision and 'Who we are' (as Pilgrim and Riverside), this group of amazing children are proactive and responsible decision- makers. 

They positively impact our school life every single day.

Tasks for the academic year ahead include:

- transition meeting with last year's school council  ✓

- tell us about yourself   ✓

- competition to design new Special Mention certificates

- meet Dee, the school cook  ✓

- issue pupil survey to find out how children feel about our schools

 - meet PTFA

Jesus said, “I have come in order that you might have life—life in all its fullness.” (John 10:10).

This is the precept upon which Rochester Riverside is founded. We are committed to enabling each member of our community to flourish.

With the role model of Christ as our cornerstone, we are building together a new community - a bridge from our past to the future